Working in Information Organizations

For another blog that comments more on working in an information organization I would definitely recommend Mr. Library Dude. His posts are up to date and relevant to different types of libraries and librarianship. One post that I found particularly interesting was this post that discusses gender stereotypes in children’s picture books. I thought about this as I was watching the 1947 vocational guidance video on librarianship, so I decided to comment more about it. This is an issue that I have come across a surprising amount of times at the public library I worked for. Most children’s books that I have come across that reinforce gender stereotypes are indeed outdated books, but there are some newer titles that have been published that made me cringe.

book cover 01

For example, I Want a Boyfriend by Tony Ross. I did not find this book funny at all and truly awful. It basically is about a little princess who is searching for a boyfriend and how boyfriends are people who take care of you. Lets just say most of my coworkers were completely opposed to this book! Does this book belong in a collection? I would say probably not, but some families might enjoy this book.



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